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Today we are excited to announce the Modern Honey Network (MHN). MHN is a enterprise ready honeypot management system which enables organizations to create a fully functional active-defense network in minutes.

Honeypots have not received wide adoption as an enterprise defense largely because the deployment and management has been a complicated process reserved for security companies and security researchers. MHN is a new open source project we are releasing today to make "Active-Defense" leveraging honeypots more widely adopted by enterprise security teams!

Check out the article by Dark reading or watch our intro video:

Modern Honey Network (MHN) from ThreatStream on Vimeo.

Get the software now:

Or start extending / hacking the source code:

Please share your ideas or feedback in the github repository issues tracker. We love open source and security and are dedicated to introduce more tools like this that move the needle forward for enterprise level cyber defense.

From the team @threatstream

Jason Trost
About the Author

Jason Trost

Jason Trost is the VP of Threat Research at ThreatStream, Inc. and leads ThreatStream Labs, the research team. He has worked in security for more than ten years, and he has several years of experience leveraging big data technologies for security data mining and analytics. He is deeply interested in network security, DFIR, honeypots, big data and machine learning. He is currently focused on building highly scalable systems for processing, analyzing, and visualizing high speed network/security events in real-time as well as systems for analyzing massive amounts of malware. He is a regular attendee of Big Data and security conferences, and he has spoken at Blackhat, BSidesSF, BSidesLV, BSidesDC, FloCon, and Hadoop Summit. He has contributed to several security and big data related open source projects including the Modern Honey Network (MHN), BinaryPig, ElasticSearch, Apache Accumulo, and Apache Storm. He has held senior technical positions with the U.S. Department of Defense, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Endgame Inc. He holds a M.S. in Information Security from Georgia Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Computer Science from Florida State University.

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